Expound 1

New Appearance – Expound Theme

Goodbye Suburbia, you’ve been wonderful. I like the structure but…I prefer header to logo. Nonetheless, creating a logo for the theme was fun ;) Now, say hello the the Expound theme! I like everything about it, how I can have sticky posts, my own customised header, a neat layout, plus, it’s FREE! Now here’s a…

Hungry Eyes 2

Tuffy turns 3!

It is Tuffy’s 3rd birthday. Among my three kitties, she is the smallest…this obviously has got to do with her eating habit. After she went missing for one night, she came back a different kitty. She is timid, often angry, and…a loner. A few weeks ago, my partner and I brought her to see the…

Snowy Birthday3

Snowy Turns Two!

Happy birthday to my one and only baby boy, Snowy! Here’s a pictorial summary of his life! I reminisced his first birthday here.

Spring Cleaning Surprises 4

Spring Cleaning Surprises!

In light of the Lunar New Year, I took the opportunity to clean my office, though I’m not a Chinese and doesn’t celebrate it. Guess what I found on the corners of my notes!!!

Bundle of Joy 11

Bundle of Joy

Here’s our bundle of joy – Snowy and Nikki. Tuffy..as usual…camera shy. These were taken last year but because Procrastinator is my middle name, I only uploaded them today.