Human beings are never thankful

Human beings are never thankful. Well, maybe sometimes. How many times do you thank God that you’re still alive and well? That you’re still walking and running? That you’re still talking and laughing? That you’re still chewing and swallowing? That you’re still breathing and sneezing?

Honestly, I don’t remember to thank the Almighty myself. I remind myself most of time and I’m learning to thank Him. We humans are so blessed, yet we remain complacent. It is when something unforseen happens, that we remember God.

Like, when our friends or family members met with an accident… Or perhaps we fell from the chair while greedily munching during lunch. It is when you twist your ankle that you remember God. I just think that we need to thank Him more.

Here I am, confined in a probably 2 by 3 metre room, with no windows at all, -ironically- thinking how we humans should look on the brighter side of life. I feel that more than often, we humans complain more than we should.

The weather is TOO HOT. I’m FAT. The food SUCKS. I’m SINGLE. I hate my HAIR. I’m TOO SHORT. My hand is UGLY.

These are just some of the complaints. It’s true. I think we complain more than we are grateful about some things.

At least there’s no Tsunami. At least I’m not obese until I can’t walk. At least there’s food for me to eat. Singlehood provides an opportunity for me to self-reflect and widen my circle of friends. At least I don’t suffer from any illnesses that cause my hair to fall. At least you’re not disabled. At least your hands are working.

Sometimes I feel threatened by those who have it all. I think they’re perfect, thought I know they’re not. Well, then again, I thank God for whatever He has given me. I envy those with nice hair.

Let’s for once blog about the blessings in my life.

Firstly, I’m thankful that I’m still breathing and still typing these right now. Next, I think I’m blessed to have ALL my families and friends here with me. I was about to backspace the word “ALL” then I realise, maybe there’s a blessing in disguise.

For those who’s not in my favourite list, well maybe God wants to test me. Maybe he wants to see how patient I am with them, how I endure them etc. So they’re a CHALLENGE and a TEST. I’m grateful that in some crossroads, I meet many interesting people. Each of them are different. Of course, some of them are great, some even special.

I met many people, in primary school, I met people like Suriani, Farah, Aisyah, Shryfah, Hidayah, Masrina, Suraiyah, Fitri, Azlin, Raudhah, Abbas, Nizam, Khair, Hendra, Firdaus, Irwan…

In secondary school I met Shima, Nazura, Elisa, Halisah, Wani, Firda, Shikin, Fahez, Sidek, Hafiz, Din, Alif, Isaac, Guo Xiong, both Jeremy Hee and Pang, Zhong Yew, Hui Ling Li Ying, Aik Chye, Diana, Adila, Zawiyah, Zarifah…

In poly life, there’s Dayah, Fish, Mun, Belo, Naq, Wani, Faj, Faz, Fasha, Miza, Jaja, Saihah, Fid, Syafik, Mamat, Sala, Salleh, Sobah, Ili, Hafez, Arep, Kak Emy, Baby, Cipah, Dee, Muna (again!), Lina, Indah, Ashaqinah, Caca, Herna, Hilmi, Nisa, Iylia, Josiah, Joanne, Stella, Phillip…


I can’t type everyone here, because it’ll take up space, maybe for future entries, I shall type thenames of EVERYONE I know. God! That’s insane!

And then there are those passers-by, like the bookshop auntie, the stall holder, the salesgirl, the doctor and so on. These people are the -sometimes unwanted- spices in my life, but I’m grateful that they’re here.

I was having lunch at Central’s Long John Silver. Gosh! A group of girls were so rowdy, and that’s definitely not the kind of service Singapore should portray to tourists. “THANK YOU, SEE YOU AGAIN!” They screamed from the tiny hole from the kitchen.

Anyways… I’m grateful that I’m blessed with you people. I love you all. Sometimes, I just wish I’m someone else. But hey! I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t think that way. Why? There could never be another Lela like me. I am special in my own ways, and I’ll always be.

I’m grateful that I can still talk and scream and shout… I can still berdikir, still able to gobble my food, still able to sing irritatingly that it annoys the shit out of people.

I’m grateful that I can still walk and run… I can fit into my heels and sashay my body away… I can still run for the buses and trains. I can run away from those irritating insects still. Phew~

I’m grateful that my eyes are still working perfectly fine… I can still see the beauty and wonders of the world. I can read and write without having to squint my eyes. I’m grateful that I can still watch videos of my favourite celebrities.

I’m grateful for the pair of ears God gave me. I can listen to different music… I can listen to nature’s sounds… I can hear the azan… I’m grateful that both sides are working…

I’m happy that I still have a home, a shelter for me to return to every night. As I watched American Idol just now, I almost teared. It’s sad to see the homeless wondering around, in search of a shelter. This reminds me of Sociology/Social Psychology class, Maslow’s Hierachy of needs, where shelter is one of the Needs.

Anyways… This entry serves as a reminder to all of us, especially myself that we should never take things or people for granted. You’ll never know when will God take them away from you. Be grateful of everything that you possess.

God, thanks for loaning me this body and providing the air for me to breathe. I guess I’m still here so that I can repent before anything happen. Let’s all take a few minutes off staring at the screen and thank the Almighty.

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