Half Full? Half Empty?

A couple of years ago, I read an article in TODAY.  It was from a reader who wrote in, saying how Kiasu Singaporeans are.

Why is that? Well, it seems like Singaporens need to be constantly “reminded”. The reader (nationality unknown, if he’s not local, then I think he’s a PR) mentioned that in the MRT station alone, there are so many ‘reminders’.

“…Passengers, please stand behind the yellow line…”, “…when using the escalator, please hold on to the handrail…”, “…please use the lifts…”, “…doors are closing, please stand clear…” and the list goes on.

He then questioned, “Are Singaporeans careless? Need reminders? Or the government is simply too kiasu?”

Well, I have to agree with him. Although it can be irritating. Sometimes, I feel like Singaporeans have no manners at all. There are some irritating beings out there, who stood right in infront of the door. Maybe that’s why there are yellow arrows painted outside each door. Despite the CONSTANT ‘reminders’, there are still morons who refuse to let the passengers alight peacefully. Then again, I still feel we are Kiasu people. There are constant reminders, in 4 languages, posters and whatnots.

So how do we view the glass. Half EMPTY? Half FULL?

I can’t help but think of life. Well, that’s what I do everyday. There are some things that made me think life is so half-empty. It’s just unfair that things happened. Then goes the saying, ‘The grass is greener on the other side’. My question is, how green is green?

Well, like the older generations often say, “Ada hikmah disebalik everything that happens…”  That is, if you view the glass as half full.

Things happen in life which make one’s emotions stir violently. Sometimes, we don’t want to feel that way. Feelings like disappointment, regrets, devastation and the list is never-ending.

I have seen the best and worst in people. The ‘boiling’ and ‘freezing’ point. Whatever it is, we experience things so we can learn from them. Life is -like I’ve said again and again- full of uncertainties and surprises. It is unpredictable. I can’t tell you to look at life as half-full, because it is also half-empty. There are moments when I’m just so negative about things, looking at the glass half empty. Both perspectives are right. Either way, you’re not wrong. Just don’t view it as half empty too much.

I use to listen to problems, worries and anything. I’m happy if I have touched your life. I’m fine with people asking me out just to vomit their problems out. I’m happy to listen to others’ problems. It really does help me to be a better person. By helping you, I’m helping myself. Really. Thanks.

No matter how you look at the glass, half empty or full, the glass remains the same. It will always be half empty and half full.

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