Down and Downer!

I guess at some point in our lives we all go through a dark night of the soul, when our lives seem barren and pointless and painful. In times like these, loneliness loomed before me and I wondered if my prayers reached heaven at all.

Thank God I have friends I can count on to put a smile on my face. Everytime. Anytime. Some anthropologist once said that one of humanity’s strongest needs is to know that there is someone who cares whether you’ve come safely home. And hell yeah, they’re so right!

It’s nice to know you have friends available, -though there are days I thought I was the only person not abducted by the aliens- you can always ask them out for coffee, go shopping etc. I have friends who are not only friends to me, they’re like my mothers, counselors, phsychologists, sisters, fathers, teachers etc. What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be.

If only we can choose where to reside… I’ll definitely settle for Neverland!!! I don’t want to grow up! I want to play all day, watch Peter Pan challenge Captain Hook, spend time with the Mermaids at the Lagoon, have food fights, tease Tinkerbell… Whatever spiritual juice I’d felt as a young girl growing up is evaporating. Maybe all evaporated!

I miss school. I miss those times when pop quizzes were killers. Like ambushing assassins they elicited fear and loathing in the prey, and a certain heady power in the hunter. WHAAAT?! Yes, that was what those 10% feels like!

I am down. Honestly, I am so down, I can’t be any downer! If such a word even exists!

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