Minerals, Medicine… What’s next Earthlings?

 Hmm… I came across something interesthing, which is worth blogging and sharing about.

“Kryptonite Unearthed”

SHHH… DON’T TELL SUPERMAN – but kryptonite may well be real. Scientists have analysed a newly found mineral and discovered that it contains the same elements as kyrptonite, the mythical rock from Superman’s home planet, Krypton, that robs him of his powers in comic books and films.
Miners discovered the substance in a mine in the Jadar region of Serbia. It was then identified by London’s Natural History Museum and given the name jadarite. Mineralogist Dr Chris Stanley searched the web using the new mineral’s chemical formula – sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide – and discovered that was the description of kryptonite’s composition used in Superman Returns. Dr Yvon Le Page of the National Research Council in Canada called it the “coincidence of a lifetime.”
While the new mineral is white rather than green, and doesn’t emit a radioactive glow, in all other respects it’s a perfect match. Unfortunately, it can’t be named kryptonite. The material doesn’t contain krypton – a real element in the periodic table.
 Wow. I had to squint my eyes in the dark to type that. My comments – COOL! Coincidence of a lifetime indeed!
From Minerals to Medical updates now.
Just when you think things can’t get any weirder. Organs transfer. A surgeon can perform surgery halfway across the globe, away from the patient. You name it. Now, something that fascinates me – I hope it fascinates you, had a hard time typing in the dark! – plastic plasma!!! Yup, you read it right!

“Plastic Plasma”

Blood made from plastic may one day be able to save lives in medical emergencies where real blood is not available.
Lance Twyman, PhD, from the University of Sheffield, has developed a molecule made from polymer (plastic) and porphyrin that hold iron atoms at their core. It is similar in size and shape to haemoglobin and mimics the red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the bloodstream.
The idea of pumping plastic into the bloodstream but Twyman says porphyrins are natural and the polymer component is likely to be ignored by the body’s immune system.
Although confined to the lab at the moment, if proven successful in humans, plastic blood – which is not blood-type dependent – may be used on the battlefield or in quick emergencies where quick replacement of blood loss would save lives.
Hmm… I don’t know. These eye-opener, jaw-dropping news just prove one thing… Humans are getting smarter these days, challenging God in more ways than one.

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