Use Your Brain

I have always believed the Brain is better than the Heart. Often, people say “Follow your heart” when dealing with difficult situations. “Use your brain” is used less. People don’t say “Use your heart” or “Follow your brain”. Hmm…

I guess “Use your brain” is a simple way of saying “think wisely, weigh your options, analyse the situation…” whereas “Follow your heart” is just another way of saying “do what you feel is right”. That’s my interpretation.
In an argument, misunderstanding and situations similar, I have always believed in making decisions thereafter. If decisions are to be made at that instance, it would be disastrous! See, both parties are erupting, and feelings of rage, hatred might surface. Even after both are at ease, these leftover feelings are still there. That’s where the Brain comes in.
The Heart is where feelings and emotions are kept. Decisions should never be made when one is emotional. The wise Brain however, allows one to evaluate options.
I bet everyone have been through rough situations, knowing the action is wrong, but still proceed, doing it. As for me, the Brain knows what’s right and what’s not. The Heart however, feels otherwise. Even if the action is wrong, (so says the Brain) the Heart feels it’s right, as long as I’m content doing it.
I’m not saying the Heart is wrong and the Brain is always right… It’s just that sometimes, the Brain needs to give way to the Heart. Live. Make mistakes. We learn from them. Just, avoid repeating it. Knowing that you are doing the wrong things, repeating the same mistakes, and ending up with a huge pile of shit sounds wrong, but boy, does it feels so right.
Oh, what a quote.
“There is no instinct like that of the heart”
Lord Byron

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