What about stars?

What about stars?
People love gazing at them.
What about stars?
People are intrigued by them.
What about stars?
People ponder, allured by them.

What about stars?

Stars are special, mentioned in lyrics, Paris Hilton’s Stars Are Blind, Coldplay’s The Scientist, Taio Cruz’s She’s Like A Star and many more, even lullabies “Twinkle, twinkle little star”, “Star light, star bright…”, etc.Stars are portrayed as magical (cartoon, magic shows), depicted as pride (national flags, crests) , symbol of popularity (Hollywood stars), and in my case, it’s… Just… Special. After what seemed to be one of the most memorable revelations in 2009, (to think the year has just begun!) I felt like a burning Phoenix, reborn for the millionth time. I felt new. It felt new. What’s “it”? I don’t know. A feeling. The situation. The news. I don’t know. “It” is just it.Unthoughtfully, I sprawled on the heavenly grounds of my ghost town, not caring whether my white virgin Zara pants will be desecrated and soiled. The others made their way home, leaving Fahez, Hafiz and I. Of course, they just have a problem with me sprawling like that. I was comfortable albeit the nasty ground. The wind cradled with so much comfort, I didn’t want last night to end.I looked up, saw Waxing Gibbous or was it Waning Gibbous. Well, I don’t know, I have yet to have an in-depth study of the Moon. Would love to, really. One day. If I can survive “E=MC2”, I could definitely survive an Astronomy-infested, pig’s lining-thick book.I saw an outer circumference, (I think it’s the reflection of light), lining the moon, as though protecting it. Charmed, I eyed the sky in fascination. Of course, the 2 guys think I was stressed and disturbed by the Revelations. Nope. I wasn’t. I was in my own world, coining analogies.

As I was composing, I thought the Moon was embracing the circumference’s company. I felt the Moon must be feeling at ease, sheltered. Weird, but I could somehow feel the Moon.

Then I moved my gaze to the other side of the sky, where a bright shiny sparkling star winked at me. Alongside the bright shiny one, was a slightly dull star, not as distinct. I was eyeing these 2 stars until gradually, other stars surfaced.

One of the reasons why it is not easy to see stars from Singapore, is because of the reflection from our tiny little country, it’s too bright here. Else, we could definitely see more winkings! ;)

I was trying very hard to see more stars. At some points, I thought I was hallucinating. “Patience is a virtue, my child,” I always say that to myself and I said that again. True enough, other stars surfaced and greeted me with the sweetest winks!

I guess sometimes… God arranges revelations in a way that it is revealed in phases. Gazing at the stars, I came to realise, sometimes… The answers are served right in front of you, it takes only one thing – patience to be able to see it through.

Like the stars, they are always there, it’s a matter of whether you can see them, or otherwise. So are answers and solutions. It takes a huge amount of endurance in being patient.

I have always been a film believer of Karma, Fate, Determination, Equity, Retribution and among other things, Patience. I know God is fair and I know I’m blessed in more ways than one. I hope I’ll be able to embrace His shower of blessings upon me, just like the moon, comfortably draped in the arms of the circumference.

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