A Different Sunday

I woke up to the bright sunlight streaming though the window. Squinting, my vision gradually became clear. I thought of what I’ll do today.

The norm is for me to spend the whole Sunday outside, return home just in time for bed. Today, it felt different. Knowing it’s a long weekend, the natural action for me is to be outside, regardless of the activities. That, I didn’t do.

Instead, I grabbed a book, and began positioning myself, finding a perfect spot on the bed to enjoy the book. I remained there for hours, until the sun almost drown beneath the horizon, leaving no trace of daylight.

I decided to have a quick shower before sinking my teeth into the scrumptious whatever served on the table. It’s a rule at home, that one has to be clean before putting anything into one’s mouth.

After shower, I didn’t even bother to look at what was served, on the table or in the kitchen. I went back straight into the book. I didn’t even bother if I was going to spend the whole Sunday at home. It didn’t even occur to me whether my friends are out or otherwise.

I fell asleep for a good 30 minutes. I woke up and continued reading. My shoulders turned stiff, albeit the number of times I changed positions to get comfortable.

I thought the painful signs were an indication that I should have a break. I had dinner, watched TV and I felt contented. More like… Satisfied.

See, there’s nothing spectacular about wasting Sunday at home, reading. Today, that perception changed. I really enjoyed what I did. What I had was something I have been asking for since forever. Time with myself.

I use to have time to do things alone, things like shopping, reading, painting, sketching and many more. I have always longed for the time to spend time with myself, doing things I use to do when time wasn’t the thief of seconds…

Anyways, 25th January 2002 is a date to remember. Seven years ago, something significant happened. Something that changed me, made me who I am today.

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