Career Switch

“To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first,” said Shakespeare.
I’m not someone who enjoys job-hopping, let alone being jobless. While I understand that 99.9% of humanity at any one time hate working, there are those who are incessantly obsessed and passionate about their job. Now that is the category I’d like to be in. Comfortably in.
One of the reasons why I hate job-hopping is the shift in environment. I don’t enjoy starting all over, getting acquainted, meet new colleagues, etc. I don’t enjoy adjusting myself to Culture Shock. Seriously.True, many have questioned why I hate stepping into a new environment, considering I’m a people-person, able to blend well and warm up easily with others. Honestly, I don’t know. I just hate it. Alot. I swear.
Having said that however, I am in the midst of a career switch. Following my Brain have landed me my current job. Following my Heart (and a little degree of my Brain), have resulted in me taking a calculated risk.
Just when I thought I’m looking for options to fasten my pace in overcoming the steepness, here I am, back at the foot of the hill.

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