Idiots in Bali (Part 1)

For some reasons, my friends and I jumped straight into this trip without doing any research. Well except of course the flight and hotel; other than that, nothing. We don’t know what to do, where to go, what to eat, where to shop, how to get from one place to another…oh you get it.

At that point, we know we have to get out of Singapore, we needed a break. This is what I call travel suicide. No, not THAT suicide tourism. I wonder, why the hell didn’t I do extensive research, being the anal person that I am (I later learnt that it’s okay to not plan, and just go with the flow). So this is my story about my first trip to Bali in December 2009 as a young, reckless and dangerous person who just stepped into the other side of life: adulthood.

Upon reaching the airport, I did grab brochures and pamphlets, and of course was intrigued by some of the places of attractions but we did not do anything – no snorkeling, no diving, no cycling, no surfing – AND I DON’T KNOW WHY. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Save it.

My friends and I woke up the next morning hungry, so we left our humble room only to discover ALL the stalls were still closed! I mean, seriously?!?!?! Don’t the locals have breakfast? We were craving for street food, hence we totally ignored the hotel’s breakfast. Walking for quite some time made me agitated, so that’s when I decided to ask for directions. In the beginning, both my friends were apprehensive about asking for directions. Don’t ask me why, I honestly have no idea.

My guy friend refused to do the talking (yes, I would have kicked his balls to see if they’re there but I was too weak to do so) and my lady friend…well I’m the chatty one, so I approached a man. He was sitting by the side of the road, reading a piece of paper (I found out the content of that small piece of paper three years later).

I told Rahman we wanted to have street food, not at a fancy restaurant but a place where the locals eat. So he brought us to a cosy place. We had to walk a bit, and honestly I was almost dying, but I SURVIVED THE HUNGER AND HEAT! We offered Rahman to have brunch with us, but he politely declined. We did exchange numbers, just in case we needed help.

The three of us spent the whole day around Kuta, walking around, exploring the place.

Idiots in Bali (Part 1)1

Love the details!

Love the details!

Shopping! Reminds me of Bangkok.

Shopping! Reminds me of Bangkok.

In a few hours, I’m almost as black as a coffee. The scorching sun grilled me. Ouch! In the evening, we spent time by Kuta Beach, enjoying the sunset. You can read about my first sunset in Bali here.

Idiots in Bali (Part 1)4

To my surprise, the whole stretch of Kuta beach got really dark quickly. We headed back to the hotel and were ready to partyyyyy! It was pouring and inevitably, the jam worsened. After paying the taxi driver, we ran to the nearest shelter available.

Ahh that landed us in Apache Reggae Bar. I enjoyed the live band and reggae songs! For three years since 2006, I listened religiously to Reggaeton, so Appache was heaven!!! Of course, tourists were happily dancing like there’s no tomorrow. After a while, I was in the “zone” and I danced like crazy! We made friends with the drummer. My lady friend thought he’s cute, sooo…yup.

Live band

Live band

Kum Kum the drummer

Kum Kum the drummer

Then we went to Sky Garden Lounge, a very rowdy place – even Lonely Planet agrees! This again, was unplanned. Serendipity brought us there. I made friends with a petite lady who was on holiday too! She’s from Bandung. Anyway, we went from floor to floor, IT WAS FUN!

Idiots in Bali (Part 1)8 Idiots in Bali (Part 1)9 Idiots in Bali (Part 1)10

My new friend from Bandung, another great place in Indonesia. Thisis what happens when you dance and take pictures at the same time.

My new friend from Bandung, another great place in Indonesia. This is what happens when you dance and take pictures at the same time.

When my guy friend separated from us ladies to try to get lucky, I had my fair share. An aged French guy thought he could get lucky with me. Yuck! While my lady friend and I were leaving, he was trailing behind! He even offered to send us back. We quickly phoned our guy friend. He was pissed but I guess friends are always there for each other. So we left, ignoring that old despicable man. My friend left without a lady – sucks for him – and I left without an ass, good for me.

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