My 23rd Birthday

I have never seen so many diamonds in the sky, so many jewels in the sea…..

I have never tasted salty chocolate cake fresh from the sea. I have never swam with butterflies. I have never held clownfishes in my bare hands. I have never read my birthday letters to anyone. Until 23rd May 2010.

While friends were sleeping after witnessing the sunrise, I strolled along the sandy beach alone. Then came three adorable children. Their presence made me reminisce about my younger days… Their laughter, smiles, naive jokes, made me happy. I’d never thought that strangers could make me smile and laugh so much on my birthday. I have never fancied noisy children, but them… I grew to love.

It hurts to see the look on their faces as I was leaving. When they hug me so tight the last few minutes… I dreamt about them on the way back to the ferry terminal. Isn’t it strange how some people could make an impact despite the short period of time?

I may know them for only a morning, but I will love them for a lifetime.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is about.”

Thanks ladies for the wonderful getaway. Appreciate everything. Really ;)

2 thoughts on “My 23rd Birthday

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