Tips for Partying in KL

Friend and I decided to run to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for two nights. On one of the nights, we decided to party in Hard Rock Cafe. It was fun and all, with World Cup going on. I wished we could have gotten there earlier, so we can rest our heavy bottoms. Seats were full! I don’t know why but for some reason, I felt awkward standing around hahaha!

After a while, friend and I got acquainted with people, and we had fun chatting with them. Some are locals, some aren’t, but it was fun networking!

Tall, friendly guy in a costume. Obviously a die-hard supporter of a country!

Tall, friendly guy in a costume. Obviously a die-hard supporter of a country!

One of the bartenders. She is cooler than cool.

One of the bartenders. She is cooler than cool.

Locals we met.

Locals we met.

Normally, we don’t disclose we’re Singaporeans when in neighbouring countries. Most have the impression that Singaporeans are wealthy, not true. Yes, there are a lot of millionaires in this tiny island, 17% of the population, or over 100,000 individuals. Unfortunately, we’re not one of them.

Tonight however, we just had to tell that we’re from Singapore, because they could tell if we lie. We don’t dress like Malaysians or Indonesians. It’s just something we Asians could distinguish about each other. Sometimes, I come up with my own town name, saying I’m from some remote parts of Malaysia which they have never heard of, but tonight, I couldn’t. I don’t want to be caught red-handed.


Hmm… So this is how a Singaporean dresses? I feel normal if in Singapore, but I get scrutinised a lot in KL.

Towards the end of the night, we had several groups of men asking us out for supper. We didn’t decline, but didn’t agree either. Somehow, when these guys got high or drunk, things started to get a little bit uncomfortable for the both of us. Towards the end of the night, a lot have left, and we felt a bit cornered in the club. Stuck with high/drunk men was beginning to get ugly. I could sense my friend panicking, and so did I…but we tried to remain strong for each other.

I asked the bartender (lady in red, above) if she could accompany us outside, until we get in a cab. She agreed but we have to wait until she’s done with work. Fair enough. I felt okay in the club, since there are bouncers and all that – what’s the worst that could happen?

So she’s done. She came out with us, and of course, the guys were waiting outside, some tailed behind us, begging to come, being annoying and all that shit. When friend and I got in the cab, she realised her mobile phone wasn’t with her. Argh!!! I thought we were on the brink of leaving the ugly situation and now, we have to dive right into it again!

I panicked. I told her to check properly. That she did, and yes, her phone wasn’t with her. So she had to go back in with the bartender, while I waited in the cab. It was the longest wait in my life. Those guys were still around, lingering like pests. After a while, she came back. Phew.

Note: this isn’t our first time partying overseas, but it was our first time partying without male companions.

Tips for Partying in KL (when it’s just you ladies):

  • Get acquainted with staff (bartender, bouncer, anyone)
  • Network with people from different cliques
  • Be aware of surroundings and people
  • Dress appropriately
  • Drink responsibly
  • Be brave

Will I do this again? Definitely!

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