Malaysian Street Food

Type “Malaysian street food” on any search engine and you’ll see results similar to this picture:

Malaysia Street Food 1

Without a doubt, it is something I have to have every time I’m in Malaysia. You can choose from a large variety – processed meat (nuggets, fishballs, sausages) to fresh ones (squid, chicken parts, quail eggs). There are vegetables too, though not as much.

Malaysia Street Food 2

The peddler will reheat whatever you have chosen on a small wok located on both sides of the pushcart. As for me, I like to do it on my own. Simple pleasures in life! A true Asian girl, I love them with lots of chilli!

Malaysia Street Food 3

These pushcarts are found everywhere in Kuala Lumpur, day and night. It’s easy to spot them. I don’t know what it’s called (no information on the web too), but should you find difficulty in spotting them, describe to locals, and they’ll know what you’re talking about. Have fun trying them!

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