Makarizo Healthy Beauty

Now and then, my partner’s mum has been telling me to cut my hair and go for treatments. Of course, I didn’t. One day, after her short getaway from Batam, Indonesia, she gave me Makarizo’s Hair Energy Anti-aging Creambath. My hair is dry and coarse, due to excessive rebonding.

Makarizo Healthy Beauty1

It has a tolerable quirky smell, which goes away after washing. The colour of the product I used is bright orange, which stands out from my typical black Asian hair. I find it helpful, I can tell if they are lathered evenly or not.

Makarizo Healthy Beauty2

Unlike some creams, you just need a little amount to do the magic. Normally, I’ll pump a palm-full of cream, but now I need just a tad. The cream is concentrated, therefore thick and creamy. I can now divide my hair while having the cream on  my palm at the same time, not afraid if it would slide off my palms!

After using Makarizo, my hair is smoother than ever! Wet or dry, I can comb my hair using only my fingers. I don’t even need to use combs or brushes. On the first day that I used Makarizo, a male colleague said, “Lela, today your hair is in place, you can be a model.” No, I’m not exaggerating, he really did say that. We don’t even have conversations like that!

I wish the product is in Singapore. They are everywhere in the neighbouring countries but in my sunny island.

Makarizo Healthy Beauty3

Check out their website:

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