Mabolo1 Mabolo2

These are Mabolo (Buah Mentega) that my parents picked up from somewhere in Singapore. Mum has been craving for them since 18 years ago, when she was pregnant.

Decades ago, Mabolo were seen everywhere and anywhere n this sunny island. Now, they are nowhere to be found, until Dad saw them while he was driving.

The fruit has a foul smell, very much like vomit. Even after minutes and hours, the smell won’t settle. There’s NO way you can accept the smell.

They look like a cross between peaches and kiwis; brownish orange and hairy on the outside.  The insides are soft; the colour is creamy beige, like rockmelons, but they are not juicy. They taste almost like avocado; not so sweet, not tasteless.

You should try these. I must warn you though, remember to run after burping. You don’t want to smell what came out of your mouth.

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