Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Breakfast

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s breakfast menu is indeed mouthwatering. I spent a good 10 minutes choosing before I could finally place my order.

I had the Ultimate Breakfast. I have to say, at $11.90, it is definitely under-priced! So what’s in it?

2 LONG slices of bacon, 2 VERY THICK beef patties, 2 FAT sausages, a LOT of scrambled eggs, 2 GENEROUS buns and a healthy salad with cherry tomatoes and JUICY cranberries! Of course, butter and strawberry jam.

What makes this a winner? EVERYTHING! The meats are perfectly done, not over or under-cooked. They are served fresh from the oven. It’s an orgasmic pleasure the moment you sink your teeth in. Oh, did I mention the crispy and juicy salad? YUM!

The buns are stopping this breakfast set from being perfect. They are a tad too hard, and tasteless. Guess that’s what the butter is for! ;)

My verdict:


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