Rasa Rasa Thai Seafood Restaurant

This is one place my family go for almost every birthday occasion. The youngest and oldest in the family love the Thai seafood served at Rasa Rasa. I have tried 80% of the menu, which explains how often my family comes here!

I am allergic to seafood, but none of the symptoms appear when I dine in Rasa Rasa.

Crabs are expensive, but they have offers regularly. If you are lucky, you can have the crabs at 60% discount!  The crabs are really huge, meaty and juicy. Worth every single penny! The prawns are huge and fresh too. I’m a seafood-lover and I can tell that they are fresh. Really fresh.

Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab – The sauce has a nice smooth texture. If the word ‘chilli’ alone scares you (like me), fret not! This dish is a balance for both chilli-lovers and those who are just-not-so-into chilli. I bet you’ll lick the plate dry!

Black Pepper Crab

Black Pepper Crab

Black Pepper Crab – I’m a fan of black pepper so much that if there’s a spice I could marry, black pepper is my obvious soulmate! The sauce is not too wet nor is it too dry. It has a good balance of spices, well-blended but the black pepper still stands out. This dish is drier than Chilli Crab, but the amount of black pepper sauce is enough for you to drown your crab in.

Cereal Prawns – I have to think thrice before considering prawns in my meals, but Rasa Rasa just blink my hesitations and doubts away. I could only eat prawns’ heads at Rasa Rasa. They are so fresh, you have to taste them yourself. Cereals have never tasted this good! They are crispy and crunchy. The prawns are covered with butter, before draped in cereal. If you have NEVER tasted Cereal Prawns in your life, this is how you should eat it: with their shells. This is the only way for you to embrace the REAL taste of the dish. Welcoming your tastebuds are the crispy and crunchy cereals and butter-covered shells which then reveal juicy and tender flesh. One word: ORGASMIC.

Lala in Black Sauce

Lala in Black Sauce

Lala in Black Sauce – It was my great decision to have this on our tables. I’ve never seen big, huge, fat and juicy Lala (clams). I’ve read reviews saying this dish is perfect, the only thumbs-down is that some of the Lalas are shut, and that they have trouble raping the clams open. I think those people only know how to put food in their mouth, not in the pots and stoves. Some think there are mud inside. NO. This is the reason why some of the Lalas are tightly closed; hear me out. Clams, mussels, shells etc (if they are still alive and breathing) should be thrown into pots before the water boils, so that they won’t shut themselves. This method however, ‘reveals’ them, and over-excessive amount of water rob them off their taste. I believe that Rasa Rasa retains their original taste by ‘dipping’ the Lala while the water is boiling. This makes the little ones shocked, hence shutting themselves, to protect their skin from the heat of the boiling water. In just a short time, the clams are done, beautifully topped with the sauce of your choice. Voila!

Kerapu 4 Rasa

Kerapu 4 Rasa

Kerapu 4 Rasa – (4-flavoured Grouper) This dish is a winner. The flesh is so fresh, it feels like the fish was out of the sea just seconds ago! The picture of the dish alone, is able to tantalise your cravings and desire. The sauce is a perfect balance of tastes: sour, sweet and spicy. The capsicums are nicely chopped, not over-cooked. This colourful dish will not disappoint you.

Hotplate Bean Curd – Unlike some restaurants, Rasa Rasa is generous in the amount of servings. Expect to see not only huge bean curds, but squids, prawns, mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli! The overflowing sauce sits perfectly on a thin layer of egg sprawling on the top of a hotplate. Perfect!

Mixed Vegetables

Mixed Vegetables

Mixed Vegetables – Not a fan of this dish. I don’t fancy vegetables stir-fried with truckloads of dried shrimps. Having said that, I think the long beans are crunchy and despite them being fried, they are still juicy. No comments about the petai though. I hate the smell. Weird but interesting combo.

Overall, the food is great, the location is excellent and the price is of course reasonable. The bonus? It opens 24 hours! I just don’t like the fact that we have to pay to use the washrooms now. My tummy and taste buds yearns for 10 stars, but my heart and mind could only give…:


Located conveniently by the road of the old Woodlands checkpoint and opposite An-Nur Mosque, it is hard to miss the restaurant.

Address: 2A Woodlands Centre Road, #01-118 S731002 Tel:64040650

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