Signs from God: Rain and Sun

The norm is for dark clouds to be accompanied by rain. Today, I woke up to a peculiar happening. It was a really sunny day, yet it was also raining at the same time. Two extreme opposites occured at once. I take this as a sign from the man above, that different things can happen simultaneously.

I have different interests, and I believe that one needs to fulfill this life by doing the things we love. Only then, will there be satisfaction and fulfillment. I have carefully taken calculated risks, laying brick by brick, paving the path of my life by doing the things that I truly enjoy and love. Sometimes, I feel that life is too short to be doing all the things that I’m so passionate about: arts, media and travelling. So here I am, doing things simultaneously.

I must admit, there are days when I’m my greatest enemy. I push myself too hard, doing more than one thing in a day. Sometimes, I’m too easy on myself; I wake up and do nothing. I think it’s a healthy balance. Well, my point is, we can’t be living each day as it comes. We need to have short-term goals on top of long-term ones. This might seem a tad too harsh, but I stereotype those who have no goals in life, or those who are not doing things they are passionate about, empty and soul-less.

I can proudly say that I’m living a fulfilling and satisfying life. Teaching is a rewarding career, it is a noble and honourable profession. Art is my passion, and teaching Art is an ultimate calling! I join The Sketchbook Project, contribute artworks to Illustration Friday, engage in my own projects like designing wedding guestbooks, logos, posters, etc. I visit museums and theatres, watch plays and performances. Obsessed with picturesque skies, I snap pictures of them often. I intend to be a volunteer and teach children Art one day. I’m currently a student of Murdoch, doing Communications. I love the media, be it internet, radio, TV, films, newspapers, etc. Of course, travelling is a passion. I enjoy trying new things, explore and experience new places, culture, food, everything! I’m doing these things at the same time.

I believe God shows signs everywhere. It’s a matter of whether we realise it or not. The rain in the sunny day inspire me today. God is showing me signs that I should continue to do the things that I love simultaneously.

I’m sure you have vast interests. Why not achieve your dreams simultaneously?

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