Mirador de l’Alcalde

First time in Barcelona? Yes. First time in Spain? Yes. First time in Europe? Yes.

I was a virgin like that.

The first thing I visited was Mirador de l’Alcalde. The thing about viewpoints is, apart from presenting a summary of how a place is like, it shapes your perspective of it. Therefore, I think visiting viewpoints should be done at the start of the trip, as it lays the foundation of your travel experience.

Blimey! It rained quite heavily!

Mirador de l’Alcalde 1

Can’t help but notice the beautiful artworks!

Mirador de l’Alcalde 2

The rain stopped but the clouds hovered for a while.

Mirador de l’Alcalde 3

Spotted Sagrada Familia!

Mirador de l’Alcalde 4

A little shop selling snacks, drinks and postcards, among other things. Expensive!

Mirador de l’Alcalde 5

The clouds made way for the sun, finally!

Mirador de l’Alcalde 6

Mirador de l’Alcalde 7

Mirador de l’Alcalde 8

Undeterred by the less than perfect weather yesterday, we made another trip back up.

Mirador de l’Alcalde 9

YAAAAAY! Beautiful, isn’t it?

Mirador de l’Alcalde 10

This is Barcelona!

Mirador de l’Alcalde 11

And that’s me with a little bit of Barcelona.

Mirador de l’Alcalde 12

The harbour was beautiful too!

Mirador de l’Alcalde 13

Lovely restaurant overlooking the scenic view.

Mirador de l’Alcalde 14

Learn more about Mirador de l’Alcalde here.

Address: Carretera de Montjuic, s/n. Plaça del Mirador – Parc de Montjuïc
How to get there: Bus 193.| Barcelona Bus Turístic, stop Jardins Costa i Llobera

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