Open Call For Coloring Book

I’ve been away from WordPress for some time. After a long holiday in Barcelona, I returned a slightly different person. I was immersed in a city full of the arts, upon returning, I was determined to complete my sketchbook so that it could be displayed in Brooklyn Art Library after going on tour like a rockstar. ( I will post pictures one day.

Recently, there was a call for submission… Coloring book for kids! Check it out!  For days or weeks, I thought of something. Of course I had a few ideas, but something was missing. I wasn’t inspired. I even posted “What would kids want to see in a coloring book?” on Facebook.

One night, something terrible happened. My kitten died. The doctor couldn’t save my little one. Before I left the hospital, I asked the doctor, “I just want to know one thing, is it a boy or a girl?” She said it’s a boy. My instincts were right the moment I named it Baby Garfield.

Baby Garfield was my inspiration. Translating my grief into a work of art. I don’t need to pray that Baby Garfield is alright because I know he is. I’m praying that my submission will be selected to be in the book. That would make Baby Garfield proud.

Open Call For Coloring Book

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