Cycling at East Coast Park

I was supposed to go to Sibu, an island in Malaysia, just hours away from Singapore. BUT the bus left. I feel the company is inefficient. The voucher states that we were supposed to be there by 7.30am but the email states 6.15am. So which is which? Even if we were late, I feel that they could have called us, not just leave. We already paid everything!

So I went cycling, something which I have not done in ages. Truth be told, I have a phobia. Met with an accident when I was 6. My dad cycled, and I was at the back, rocking my legs and one foot went in between the wheel. One of the metal pieces pierced through my toe. It was bad, I had 2 stitches. So today, I did not only face my fear, but I challenged it!

Cycled all the way to Bedok Jetty and snapped pictures of.. Of course… Sky…

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