Punggol End

This is scenic. It has been awhile since I set foot here. When I moved to Sengkang in 1999, I still remember how thrilling it was, having to see this view right from my window! Then housing estates were built, there goes the view. The beach was so clear, we could see fishes! A lot of Ikan Selar Kuning (the ones we eat with Nasi Lemak) were seen they even swam to shore, to my feet! I panicked and started screaming haha!

I have a lot of memories here. From picnics to painting to soul-searching to chilling out with good friends. Shall save those reminiscent for future entries. For now, it’s the picture. This is the view at night. Of course, after renovations, the beach is now filled with pretty seats and elevated platforms, a mini playround and 2 huge ponds ;)

Punggol End

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