Motherboard 2012

Motherboard. I hate the sound of it. I am in charge of a board… Yes, the MOTHER of all boards. It’s huge! 5-in-1 panels across a wall in the school canteen. I wonder why I am the only one assigned to be in-charge of that board. Well, like I said, I hate it. Every year, this is the most dreadful project. I need to find the materials to be displayed and of course, students to help me out.

Having said that, there’s something about doing Motherboard that secretly makes me smile. The accomplishment gives me satisfaction. It is fulfilling. It is indeed a work of Art. Despite complaining and swearing, I enjoy the process. Every time. So here is Motherboard 2012, for the first semester.

Oh yes, my past entries, the and Bed full of Butterflies Yes they are on the board ;)

Motherboard 2012

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