Fashion Illustration Moodboards

I developed a passion for fashion since I was born. Mom and Granny always tell me stories of how I would pose in front of the camera, pretending to be a model.

In secondary school, I did Fashion Illustration for both N and O levels. Not bragging, but I was pretty good at it. Now that I’m teaching, of course I pass down the knowledge. Here are some of the Moodboard examples I did in 2011 for my students.

As you can see, the theme ranges from interests to country to seasons to social awareness. I intend to post a slideshow but I guess taking you through each and every moodboard is better ;)

Fashion Illustration Moodboards1

The inspiration for this moodboard is smacked right on the top right-hand corner. That’s a picture of hundreds of people in India, crowding around a well, trying to get fresh water. I can’t remember the exact location of this place but what I can recall is how touched and thankful I felt after reading the devastating article. This moodboard aims to heighten awareness that water scarcity is bad in some countries and that we should not waste water unnecessarily. The tops are simple and I chose achromatic colours, to reflect the solemnness and struggles.

Fashion Illustration Moodboards2

This board doesn’t have a ‘deep’ theme like the one above. When creating the board, the one word that came to mind was ‘Pink’. Some of you might prefer ‘Bimbo’ though.

Fashion Illustration Moodboards3

One of my favourite boards! As written above: Loud music. Blinding lights. Dark room. Sweaty crowds. My designs are inspired by Underworld’s performance. Mostly violets, indigos, purples and dashes of gold. This line of party-wear will rock your world.

Fashion Illustration Moodboards4

Inspiration: Film noir.

Fashion Illustration Moodboards5

The theme for this board is Winter Wonderland. Of course, the colour used is only white. Minimalist design. A design inspired by winter, worn in the summer. Love the simplicity of this board ;)

Fashion Illustration Moodboards6

This is another moodboard which aims to heighten awareness of water scarcity in different parts of the world. On the left are pictures (again, I can’t recall exactly where the pictures were taken from, but it’s one of the countries in Asia) of children trying to obtain clean water from wells. I chose earthy colours for this board.

Fashion Illustration Moodboards7

Inspiration: Bears and Fur

Fashion Illustration Moodboards8

This is undeniably one of my favourite boards! The inspiration is Scotland’s vast green hills, blue sky and amazing arcitectures. I’d love to visit the Scandinavian country one day, I really do!

Well, that’s all for now. I love making moodboards as I love fashion. Now that I’m pretty tied up with school, on top of work, I’m focusing on smaller artworks such as doodles and photography and possibly collages.

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