Saturday Sky

I’ve been procrastinating. The intent was to start doing an assignment at 3pm. Here I am at 7.30pm, with a blank document. Honestly, I hate  Communication/Media research. During my diploma days, I dragged my feet to school. Now, it’s the same. BUT… I know I have to do well. Taking this unit in my first trimester is a nightmare, but I guess the phrase ‘get it done and over with’ really resonates with me right now. I really want a degree and I need to clear this!

So I daydream. I look out the window. I admire the clouds. The sky today? Pretty! Here goes:

Saturday Sky1 Saturday Sky2 Saturday Sky3

Oh yes… I realised my followers aren’t Asians. This is how Singapore, the tiny country looks like. Because we are a tiny island with limited surface area and ever-growing population (thanks to immigrants), our housing development board builds high-rise buildings. Lucky for me, I live on the 14th floor. That simply means I can admire the sun setting and rising conveniently, without being blocked by buildings ;)

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