Goodbye Blogspot

This was my Blogspot. Prior to this, I created a different layout. I am seriously an idiot and not tech-savvy but I managed to snake my way through css. Instead of words, visitors had to click on my pictures. Yes, I was SUPER narcissistic when I was in my teens.

I’ve deleted my Blogspot, the entries consisted of 70% whining and ranting. Only 30% thoughts. I’ve imported those 30% here.

See, I love clear and easy-to-navigate sites like this. You don’t need to move your mouse all over the place. All that you need to click are on the right – Prologue, Thoughts That Tell, blah blah blah.

I love rainbows and I love butterflies. That pretty young thing was me when I was 18.

Goodbye Blogspot

Thanks Blogspot, for accompanying me through the nights when I

  • couldn’t sleep
  • need a break from doing assignment or studying
  • need to rant and whine

Now hello WordPress!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Blogspot

  1. You should see my old blog from when I was in my teens. It’s nothing but rants that were never read about people no-one else knew haha.

    Welcome to WordPress!


    • Hey Josh! Aww thanks for welcoming me! I’ve been wanting to create an account and finally did it! I must admit, a lot of ‘cleaning’ needs to be done! I love the arty theme but I also want a professional-looking theme. Any recommendations? Heee


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