My first Sunset in Bali

I took a journey back in time, reminiscing my trips. This was my first sunset in Kuta Beach, Bali back in December 2009.  And yes that’s me, when I was much more slimmer.

My first Sunset in Bali

Keen on my experience there? Read on.

A nature lover, I can’t help but love beaches, sunsets, gardens, everything. Of course, I love Kuta Beach. It was nice sitting down, drinking fruit juice, watching the sun drowning into the horizon but then someting happened which… Scares the shit out of my ass. An old lady approached us, asking my friends and I to buy souvenirs (friendship bands, hairclips, etc). Politely, we said no. She was very persistent and started massaging my friend’s shoulder, asking, “What about a massage?” Of couse, he politely said no.

While two of them were trying their best to shoo her away, I was praying deep in my heart. I’ve heard a lot stories about how people got hypnotised by locals, how their trip was ‘disturbed’ by the supernatural beings, how their lives changed after a trip to Bali. In Asia, black magic is still widely used. Friends and I agreed that the old lady looked scary. Because we were far from the lights, we couldn’t tell exactly how she looks like. All we could recall was her very tanned skin. She was so dark that we couldn’t see her features. Her body was hunched and her clothes looked dirty and old. Thankfully she went away. If she’s ‘normal’, she understood that we didn’t want to buy anything. If she practices black magic, then my prayers worked.

Kuta is a surfing paradise. Huge hurling waves sprawl across the beach with little ones fading towards the shore. When the sun disappeared completely, we remained there, enjoying the melodious sound of waves crashing onto each other. Suddenly I saw 2 huge waves, from left and right, combining into one huge tidal wave. Then, I saw sprinkles of glittery green spots before two horses emerged from the waves. Suddenly, stories came flooding to my mind. I was so scared, I forced my friends to leave.

You might think I was high on magic mushrooms or alcohol but I swear, I wasn’t. Well I think I wasn’t. Had mushrooms though haha. There’s a legend/myth/folklore which says that there’s a spirit guarding the South Sea (Indian Ocean). Her name is Nyai Loro Kidul. What’s scary about her is that she takes souls without mercy. There was a reality show on TV years back, about a Singaporean couple who went Bali for a romantic trip which ended in tragedy. One of them went into the sea, and never came back. So anyways, like I’ve said, black magic is common in Asian countries and I was quick enough to link what I saw with what I know. Read more about her here. It was a really scary feeling. On the first day! Things got better the next few days and I had fun!

Do I believe in black magic? I know they exist but we should not entertain them. That’s my stand. That’s the only scary thing from my Bali trip.

Will I visit Bali again? HELL YEAH! One scary thing doesn’t change my perception of the place, for I believe no two trips are the same. I will return again one day.

I’ll write more about my Bali trip. Til then~

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