Best Naan EVER!

Anyone who visits this tiny island should try all the different food from the various ethnic groups: Malay, Indian and Chinese. I’m a Malay but I LOOOVE Indian food. My favourite place to have naans is at Usman Restaurant.

This isn’t an air-conditioned formal restaurant. It is located conveniently next to a small street which leads to a main road. It might get pretty warm and noisy especally during the weekends when all the foreign workers from all over the world (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc) gather around the area. It is normal for them to scrutinise people who look ‘different’, such as locals (Singaporeans) and tourists. The best time to go is at night.

Prices are reasonable. (Else I woudn’t be here often!) Here are my favourtie dishes! Enjoy!

There are a variety of naans: Plain, butter, garlic, cheese, etc. They are always served warm. The naans are soft, no matter what the flavours are. This is the butter naan. Fattening but good!

Usman Restaurant1

Garlic naan! Generous amount of garlics I must say!

Usman Restaurant2

The 2 best dishes to eat the naans with are Keema and Chilli Chicken. Keema is a dish of minced mutton with peas. It is full of spices and very, very, very scrumptious!

Usman Restaurant3

Next is the Chilli Chicken on a Hotplate. You ought to be warned though, the smoke from this dish will make your eyes watery before you start sneezing. This happens every single time! It lasts for a few good seconds, so be patient while you salivate before pouncing on it like a hungry vulture! Sounds like a Bollywood movie? You bet!

Usman Restaurant4

So there you have it, naans and the best dishes to accompany them. Don’t forget to end it all with a good Teh Tarik (Milk Tea) or Ginger Tea. For those who are brave, try the Masaala Tea. The boss, Javit is a friendly man. You probably won’t be able to tell he’s the boss. He takes orders, serves food like his workers. He’s friendly, he will talk to you if he’s not busy, and will probably smoke a cigarette or two.

When you are done, check out the Mosque on the opposite road, or the one and only 24-hour shopping mall – Mustafa Centre. You can find everthing and anything there, from eletrical appliances to food to clothes to DVDs. Oh, except chewing gums and guns.

Usman Restaurant: No. 238 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218085

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