Chapati Set!

Here I am talking about food again. Indian food in particular. I’ve been craving for Chapati but the only time to have it is during the day, at Tekka Market. Lucky for me, I saw this Chapati set in the menu of Ma Raj Restaurant. I wanted to have tea at Usman Restaurant but I didn’t want to walk the distance so I settled for the nearest retaurant. I wouldn’t have discovered this place if not for my lazy bum, tired legs and aching body! (So many ‘I’s in this paragraph!)

Chapati Ma Raj Restaurant

The set is a bit pricey though. $6 for 2 pieces of Chapati, Keema and a spicy potato dish.

The set taste good, the location is convenient and the service is great (they’ll approach you the moment your bum hits the chair) but I think it’s a little pricey, hence:


Ma Raj Restaurant

Verdun House, 6 Verdun Road,

Singapore 207275

(Next to Mustafa Centre)

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