Daily Drawings (Sleepy)

I don’t know if this might seem weird for some of you (hopefully not), this is one thing I do daily. Without fail. I draw what I wear. It has been years, since 2008. I must admit though, there are times when I’m really tired, I don’t draw on the night itself. When the going gets tough, I’ll only draw after 3 days. Because age is catching up (not too fast though) I have the tendency to forget what I wore.

Tonight, before history repeats itself, I shall draw. So these are what I wore. Yeah they’re ugly.

Daily Drawings (Sleepy)

See, this wasn’t my point. The thing I want to highlight is if you commit yourself to doing something, do it. If under circumstances that you’re unable to, make up for it. I commit myself to these daily drawings and I instill the discipline to the commitment. There you go. Despite being extremely tired, sleepy and exhausted, I’m sharing my 2 cents’ worth. Alright…maybe 5 cents.

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