There’s a child in us

I have always believed that in each and every one of us, there’s a child. A child who never grows up. So, if there’s a child in us, where’s Neverland? The answer is simple. It is here. It is everywhere. It’s in your head. Let your imagination escape, and materialise it. Your bathroom, house, office, the mall, the daily pathway, anything…just imagine.

Imagination is a form of escapism. Sure, there are many ways to relieve stress and imagining is one of them. If you have never tried it, do try. It works for me. When I need to take my mind off work without physically being anywhere else, I imagine. I am so good at it that I don’t even have to close my eyes. I must admit, I spend most of the time imagining. It’s fun. And I’d like to believe it boosts my creativity juices. As much as we ought to take life seriously, we must spare some time for fun and laughter, regardless of age. 

Today, my sister is Captain Jack Sparrow. I am Princess Ariel, The Little Mermaid. Who are you?

There’s a child in us

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