Who Let The Dogs Out

Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Usually, on my way home, I look for flowers. Today, I found pretty little ones. As they are really tiny, it took my iPhone quite a while to focus (even so, my pictures aren’t great) so I had to squat at the different places.

I heard a dog bark. It was a huge black dog. Pardon me, I’m not good with the breed. I went from places to places, just metres away, to squat and take pictures. Soon, all the dogs around the area started barking! Scary! It’s not like I’m stealing their owners’ plants, I’m just taking pictures! Anyway, the plants are OUTside their houses. Stupid dogs. Dogs are stupid. Unlike cats, they don’t bury their poo. See? Stupid.

Enjoy the pictures!

Who Let The Dogs Out1


Who Let The Dogs Out2

Young and lonely. One and only.

Who Let The Dogs Out3

These are really tiny!

Who Let The Dogs Out4

Looks like Oyster Mushroom!

Who Let The Dogs Out5

Found one more on the ground, took them home ;)

Who Let The Dogs Out6

Love it when the pressed flowers retain their colours!

Who Let The Dogs Out7

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