Dreamt of Phuket

Last night, friends and I went all they way to Johor Bahru (Malaysia) to have supper. We were talking about holidays. They shared their anniversary trip this coming June, and so did my partner and I. Coincidentally, we are heading to the same place – Phuket! Actually I wanted to go New York but because I decided to further my studies this year, my savings are used up for that instead. For now, I can afford trips around Asia only. Sad, but I believe the reward will come later ;)

We were so excited, my partner and I shared tips, must-go and must-see places. It was really interesting that I dreamt of it! Here are pictures of my first sunset in Phuket last year. Follow me on Instagram ;)

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These were taken from Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand. I must say, of all my sunset experiences, this is definitely the best… Yet. My partner and I had a romantic stroll. We could stand there forever, admiring one of God’s greatest creations. What a way to celebrate our 1st year together ;)

Expect to see youngsters playing soccer by the beach, tourists playing water-sports, people jogging along the horizon, locals and tourists snapping pictures of the magnificent view, etc.

Be forewarned though, once you sit, you have to pay for your bum even if you didn’t buy any drinks. Thais are very, very nice people but they’re not really forgiving if you refuse to pay for sitting on their comfortable beach chairs.

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