Most Innovative Teacher

While waiting for my diploma in 2008, I returned to my secondary school as a relief (substitute) teacher. In my teens, I had a terrible temper. I was no exception to teenage angst. On Teachers’ Day, I received the Star Teacher Award for being the Most Motivating and Innovative Teacher, voted by students.

Most Innovative Teacher1

(Yes, that’s my full name. It’s Norlelawati though. Typo error there.) Was I impressed? Yes. Was I surprised? Definitely. It’s not that I didn’t do my job well, it’s because the Most Innovative Teacher award came from that class. 1T8 is a secondary one Normal Technical class. Meaning, the class consists of students who are weak academically. Students were generally defiant and unmotivated among other things. Simply put, this is one challenging class for me.

Remember my temper? Combine that and a bunch of 13 year-olds’. Ther were a lot of screaming and scoldings. Yes, I scream. A lot. I thought they hate me. Although it’s not the ‘Most Loving Teacher’ or ‘Most Caring Teacher’, I feel touched receiving this award from the class.

Years later, after working elsewhere and back to teaching, I probably understand what 1T8 saw in me that was innovative. I love to experiment and I have non-conventional ways of delivering lessons and handling people and situations. Innovate means to introduce something new or make changes in anything established.

As every year, April is a very busy period for the school, students and me. This was the BUSIEST April in the history of my life. There were a lot of things going on, from Sports Day to the school’s anniversary and a corporate video which I’m involved in. Because 2 Fridays were affected (by Sports Day and a Public Holiday), one of my classes missed 2 weeks of class. Thank God it’s May now.

So after much planning and negotiating and rescheduling, the only best time to make up for the weeks was on a particular day. Now that was challenging as I had filming. It was a tough day, I had to be in front of the camera looking my best while teaching the girls. I must add, the weather didn’t spare any mercy. Because I had to be there during filming, I had no choice but to conduct lesson as near to the location as possible.

Most Innovative Teacher2

Yup. We had the lesson outside of the classroom, at the corridor. The place was small that half the class had to sit on the staircase. I’ve brought students to various parts of the school, but never have I thought I would conduct a lesson here. I hope to change the world, one child at a time. I hope to not only touch lives, but to transform them. I hope this is one of the lessons they would remember. Innovative? You bet.

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