Appreciation & Gratitude

I’ve been wanting to post this but I need to have the mood to do so. Now is the time, since we’re halfway through May, and I’m away from March and April, I can post this in peace. Every year, March and April have never failed to stress, disappoint and upset me. Well, of course not these months, and certainly not every single person around me.

There are times when I believe certain people are actually vacuum cleaners from Hades, sucking the happiness out of souls. The thing that keeps me going in the 2 months are people (or cats, hee) who shed positive energy. Examples of positive energies:

  • Having deep and meaningful conversations
  • Reminiscing our wonderful memories
  • Sharing wonderful stories/pictures via blogs
  • Showing appreciation and gratitude

I’m an educator. In April, the school celebrated its 74th anniversary in conjunction with IJ (Infant Jesus) schools’ 350th anniversary. Of course, it was not an easy task. I’m not going to dwell about it.

What I really want to share right now is how touched I was (and still do) when I received texts from my students. They are graduating in a few months’ time and that production was their final performance. Here are screenshot of their texts.

Appreciation & Gratitude1 Appreciation & Gratitude2 Appreciation & Gratitude3 Appreciation & Gratitude4

It certainly feels good to feel appreciated and most important of all, loved. It’s not easy to love people who are not your own flesh and blood but I have grown to love my students despite the short period of time and the fact that I see them once a week only! These are my girls. And yeah I look like that when I’m exhausted and all stressed up at work hee!

Thanks girls, for making my world a wonderful place to be in. Thanks for standing up for me (normally teachers do that, but hey vice versa works too!) I hope you’ll excel in your exams and be someone successful one day. I’ll write my speech in the compiled book which each of you will get. Love all of you, keep in touch okay my little green aliens/ketupat/Christmas tree ;)

Appreciation & Gratitude5

There will always be challenges and tests in life. There will always be difficult people around. There will always be people who don’t value relationships. If they choose to be the evil vacuum cleaners from Hades, after you’ve tried to make them see the light, it’s not your loss. There are billions of other people in the world who deserve your positive energy so channel all those energy to people (and strangers) who deserve it the most!

I believe that we have the ability to lift someone’s spirit up by showing appreciation and gratitude. Even if the person isn’t down, it doesn’t hurt to throw a nice word or two. So, what are you waiting for?

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