My 25th Birthday

I’m going to keep this sweet and simple. I’ll try…

When I was 17 I wrote birthday letters to myself, for me to read when the clock strikes midnight; for every year, until my 25th birthday. Yes, this year is the last time that I’ll be receiving letters from he 17-year-old Lela. I shall elaborate about it one day (sweet and simple, remember?)

My partner and I decided to spend some time together despite tomorrow being a working day. I couldn’t care less. It’s my birthday! When we met, he said, “I saw a RABBIT!” I went “Where?! Oh wait. You’ve got to be kidding me.” It’s impossible to see wild rabbits around my area. It’s just impossible in Singapore. He took me by the hand and brought me to the area where there are plants and showed me this:

My 25th Birthday1

I swear I laughed my ass off! Because it’s past midnight, even the faintest sound could be heard. I don’t want a fireworks of eggs and tomatoes so I had to cover my mouth while laughing like a hyena! Anyways, thanks Love. I truly love chocolates and rabbits and this is awesome!

My 25th Birthday2

We watched the stars from Henderson Waves and guess what, I saw a shooting star! It didn’t fly as far as the one I saw years ago, but this was definitely brighter. Typically, it’s very hard to see stars as Singapore is brightly-lit. I’d like to think the stars made an appearance on my birthday but I know for sure, they can be seen clearly because we were at a place this dark:

My 25th Birthday3

After work, we decided to go to ArtScience Museum to visit its current exhibition – Andy Warhol woohoo! I’ve been wanting to visit, but couldn’t find the right time to do so. This was a great birthday gift for me from me! Yes, I give myself gifts, do you?

Walking from the carpark to the museum, I was greeted by these wonderful flowers!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here is ArtScience Museum. I wish the exhibition is bigger. Having said that, I enjoyed the Andy Warhol exhibition. Of course, I end the museum visit by buying a book. No doubt, it makes me happy every time! My bookshelves are screaming in agony though.

My 25th Birthday14
My 25th Birthday15

My 25th Birthday16

My 25th Birthday17

My 25th Birthday18

My 25th Birthday19

My 25th Birthday20

Ended the night with a dinner at Pizza Hut. I can’t resist the 7 cheese on a pizza! As if the 7 different types of cheese aren’t enough, I paid for additional toppings – ham and mushrooms, yay!

My 25th Birthday21

This is a must! Love the juicy drumlets! You can really taste the spices in each chicken!

My 25th Birthday22

This was my first time trying the Mushroom Bruschetta and I must say, I’m really impressed! Baked to perfection! The mushrooms are soft and juicy and the bread isn’t too crispy. One word: PERFECT!

My 25th Birthday23

Every year, I give myself gifts. Apart from the Andy Warhol exhibition, these are my gifts for me, from me:

It’s a meaningful 25th birthday!

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