My Neighbourhood

Some of the travel bloggers I follow include Southeast Asia a part of their trip. Though I must say ‘Singapore’ isn’t mentioned as much as the other countries (and I can come up with hundreds of reasons why this is so), I’d love to share a little about this tiny island of mine.

Google Singapore and you’ll see things like ‘globalised country’, ‘no chewing gum’, ‘expensive city’, blah blah blah. Sometimes I wonder, why would people visit this country. Sure, Singapore is a shopping paradise, we have the tallest observation wheel, biggest man-made fountain, tallest man-made waterfall etc but there are other countries in Southeast Asia which offer deeper insights to culture, nature, etc. Why would people come here?

Don’t get me wrong, I love this country, I really do. The political and economic stability, low crime rates, prohibited demonstrations/protests, efficient transportation, etc… I’m writing this post not to attract visitors or otherwise. I’m doing this because I want people to know what it feels like to be here.

I believe visitors stay in town and know little of the residential area. No, we don’t have any countrysides, sadly. So here I am giving insights of what a new town in Singapore is like. Sengkang is a new town built in the late 90s. I moved here in 1999. My area was the first to be built. It was ghost town then. Currently, more and more land are cleared to make way for residential areas.

I was out for a jog the other day and decided to take pictures for you, my dear followers and visitors. So this is what living in an ‘expensive’, ‘urban’, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it city looks like.

It’s a concrete jungle out here. Our residential apartment goes all the way up to 17th floor. Each house consists of bedrooms (2 or 3), a living room, kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. Some have balcony (though this means the living room is smaller as the balcony eats into it).

My Neighbourhood1

Those are temples, Buddhist and Sikh’s. Yup, we are living in harmony despite the differences in language, race or religion. The only racial riots that broke out were in 1964.

My Neighbourhood2

A closer look at the Sikh temple.

My Neighbourhood3

There are playgrounds to foster and maintain good relationships among neighbours. There are fitness areas for the young and old, to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The older estates in Singapore are going through upgrading, to include more interactive features like the ones in my area.

My Neighbourhood4

Years ago, there was an article submitted by a Singaporean to our local newspaper, talking about the notices/posters/reminders everywhere. There were questions such as ‘Are we a forgetful society?’ and ‘Are we a reckless society that we need constant reminders as such?’ Well, I’d like to think that these reminders are for non-Singaporeans residing here, who aren’t familiar with our local practices.

My Neighbourhood5

My Neighbourhood6

Okay so here I am, starting my journey to shedding some pounds. This is the first time I’m here, at Serangoon Park Connector.

My Neighbourhood7 My Neighbourhood12 My Neighbourhood11 My Neighbourhood10 My Neighbourhood9 My Neighbourhood8

And that’s my brother at the fitness corner.

My Neighbourhood13

My Neighbourhood14

My Neighbourhood15

My Neighbourhood16

My Neighbourhood17

My Neighbourhood18

My Neighbourhood19

There are little huts like these to shelter people from the storm or sun, for people to chat with friends, for annoying teenagers to romance, etc.

My Neighbourhood20

On the way home from a 4km jog/walk/photo-taking session, the Buddhist temple was brightly-lit!

My Neighbourhood21

So there you have it! A short trip around a small part of my area. Thanks for jogging/walking with me ;)

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