Awesome Postcard!

I collect postcards. Though I’m not really serious about them, (I’m not driven by any form of retarded obsession to stalk every postcard stand) I do bring home the ones that are visually appealing. Postcards usually are advertisements, information, propaganda, marketing products/services/events etc. They are a mini posters. I don’t know how are the postcards in your country, but lately, I notice a trend in Singapore – the postcards are generally boring. Tonight, I came across a simple yet meaningful one:

Awesome Postcard

9 thoughts on “Awesome Postcard!

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  2. I collect postcards, too – I have about 4 photo albums full and then a few boxes of loose ones I haven’t organized. Which is fine because I’m actually packing now and pulling all the postcards from the albums into the loose boxes so I’ll have more space and less bulk to pack.


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