Born This Way Ball

One of my birthday gifts to myself is Lady Gaga’s Born ThisWay Ball. Of course, Lady Gaga being herself, the set is definitely OTT. I was expecting a more elaborate and weirder costumes but hey, how on earth would she dance around? All I can say is, this is definitely the BEST concert I’ve been to. I’m pretty sure you can read reviews about the Born This Way Ball elsewhere. So I’m keeping it simple here. I’ll try.

I thought of dressing up as Gaga in the Telephone video, but I was so busy, I couldn’t find the time to buy a blue telephone or to make one for the head gear. So here I am dressing us as Mary Magdalene from her video Judas. Sis is dressing up from Gaga’s Born This Way video.

Born This Way Ball1

The queue when we reach Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Born This Way Ball2

Born This Way Ball3

Born This Way Ball4

Born This Way Ball5

Born This Way Ball6

Sis and I thought it was Lady Gaga but hey, what the hell is she doing out here in the sun?! Yup, that’s just a fan. Seconds after posting this on Facebook, a friend said this fan is his friend. Lo and behold, this fan is a guy.

Born This Way Ball7

Back to the queue. 3 hours. It was tiring, but that’s what it takes to get a good spot when you’re in a free-stading area! I’m quite surprised to see fans in normal clothes. I thought there’ll be a lot of people dressing up.

Born This Way Ball8

Ahh… The place where they sell overpriced items.

 Born This Way Ball9

 As we walked to the stadim, we came across some cool fans! She’s from Indonesia. Born This Way Ball was cancelled in Indonesia, because of opposition from religious groups. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong. I’m a Muslim but hey it’s all in the name of music. It’s not like Gaga forces people to worship Satan or things like that. Don’t get me started on Illuminati and those kind of things. It’s good that the concert wasn’t held in neighbouring countries, as fans come to Singapore, contributing to the economy. Bad for Singaporeans who did not get the chance to go because tickets were sold out! I was lucky enough that Gaga decided to extend one more night!

 Born This Way Ball10

So here we are. YAAAAAY!

Born This Way Ball11

Annoying asses. I told one of he security officers to tell these rats to stand up, he said they’ll get up when the concert starts. DUH! I wanted to email a comlaint but I did not. When the show started, my sister moved forward and that lady pushed my sis. Well, no one sits when the concert is starting. Stupid bitch. She and her friends are a bunch of losers. They don’t know the songs, they don’t even know how to dance or move along! What a waste. They belong to the toilet, not this floor.

Born This Way Ball12

Another crazy fan! I think she looks like a clown. That’s one ugly thing, even Gaga will puke looking at it! This teen is such an attention seeker, she walks around, asking her maid to snap photos of her, sits and lies on the floor too!

Born This Way Ball13

After 30 minutes of waiting, the show begins. Opening act: DJ Zedd.

Born This Way Ball14

After an hour, here is the Mother Monster. Fashionably late, she enters the stage riding a black horse.

Born This Way Ball15

The set is a castle, which unfolds evey now and then. Remind me of my Polly Pockets! She should consider a Polly Pocket Gaga or something. The bottom left picture is Gaga giving birth to herself. Cool concept.

Born This Way Ball16

The next few photos are are the beautiful and talented Lady Gaga.

Born This Way Ball17

Born This Way Ball18

Born This Way Ball19

Born This Way Ball20

Born This Way Ball21

Born This Way Ball22

Born This Way Ball23

Born This Way Ball24

Look at the number of fans! From kids to the elderly!

Born This Way Ball25

The train station.

Born This Way Ball26

All in all, I love the concept of the concert, everything was meticulously thought through, from the transitions to the costumes to the lightings, everything. She never ceases to entertain fans. One thing though, I hope she could avoid vulgarities, there were a lot of kids, about 5 years of age!

You know how people become a different person when they are on stage, when they internalise the character, song or act, that is inevitable. But there are moments where Lady Gaga strips down to her true self. You can just feel it. At times, I wonder who is the REAL Lady Gaga. She addressed that question too. That very moment my question was answered, I could feel her true self, no facade. She shared how she was bullied in school, it touches our hearts, I was tearing. Truly, a remarkable performance by a talnented person.

I’ll end this post with a video (not taken by me) of Gaga’s message to her Indonesian fans or Monsters, as she loves to call fans.

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