Pink & Orange Owls

I was stuck in a boring bridging class. It’s redundant. I did a Feature Writing module when I was in polytechnic but here I am again. Seriously, I really think all they want is to rip the cash from our pockets.

Apparently,my case isn’t the most absurd one. My friend is currently a contributor of a magazine. Prior to this, she was working with the most-circulated newspaper in Singapore. She graduated with a Mass Comm diploma from a polytechnic. Given all these, she has to take the Feature Writing bridging. What the hell?!

Okay enough ranting. Bored with suppressed frustration, I browsed through Tumblr and found a picture of a cute owl. Ahhh I was itching to doodle anyway…

Pink & Orange Owls 1

Pink & Orange Owls 2

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