Smallest & Bollywood Caterpillar

Even after a long day at work or shopping, I will spend some time scrutinising Mom’s humble pot of lime tree before I step into the house. If I happen to spot any caterpillars, I will study them for a while.

Tonight, I spotted the smallest caterpillar ever! Look at how small this one is! Pardon my ugly nails. I was so nervous about the exams that I bite them off! (A habit which died 2 years ago.)

Smallest & Bollywood Caterpillar 1

This is my first Bollywood Caterpillar! It is so fat and thick. Seems juicy. Okay eww. As you can see from the picture above, the lime tree has no leaves! Probably super hungry, this fatso went on a scavenging trip to the pot next to the lime tree. Yup, it’s a pot of curry leaves. though they aren’t healthy, this Indian fatso seems happy. Made in India indeed.

Smallest & Bollywood Caterpillar 2

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