Roman Reflections

Sent another photograph to Lonely Planet Magazine Asia July/August 2012 issue.

Roman Reflections 1

I was told to send the write-up as if I have not. Maybe the editor overlooked it. I understand, its a hectic life, with tight datelines and interviews and all those things. This is the original write-up:

I wasn’t really excited upon seeing the words ‘medieval town’ until I was greeted by this view. Besalú housed cathedrals, a synagogue, gothic buildings and the most peculiar object – a wooden chair stuck onto the exterior of the building. Impossible, but if someone were to sit, he would be facing the sun. I saw a car which existed since the world war too! A nature-lover, I spent a lot of time standing on the 12th-century Romanesque bridge which overlooks Fluvià River. With mountains guarding the area and the sun lending its glow, the view made me at ease, all my worries faded together with the river, into the Mediterranean Sea. Besalú now holds a special place in my heart.

I will share my journey in detail in another post. For now, enjoy the magnificent view ;)

Roman Reflections 2

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