My First Painting

When I started this blog, it was for one reason – travelogue. Well look at the number of categories I have! I never intend for this to be another one of those typical blog where I’d rant, whine, and dwell on issues. Looking back, my previous blog was just that – me ranting and talking crap, so I imported some posts to WordPress and deleted that Blogger account for good.

Little did I know, I’d have little or absolutely no time for blogging. This January, I chose to further my studies (which was long overdue) and I drown deeper and deeper into a sea of assignments, exams, and whatnot.

Instead of “heavy” content, my posts here are brief; only pictures sometimes. They say “less is more” but that wasn’t what I planned at all. As I progressed, I decided that this shall be a blog where I share my interests, not exclusive to only travelogues. At times, I post 3 to 4 days late, or even a week!

Mental block isn’t my problem. In fact, when it comes to blogging, my mind isn’t blocked at all! (It happens when I’m doing assignments though haha!) My problem is the lack of time. Today, I’ve decided to post more often, hopefully everyday.

Wow 4 paragraphs already and I’ve not started on the original intent of this post!

I want to share a little something from my past. This was the first time I truly romanced with paint. I was 15 and Art was my elective subject. My teacher loved it. I wanted to throw this so badly, I’m glad I didn’t. I emerged as the top Art student that year. And subsequent years ;)

“Red Pails with Capsicum”
Poster Color on Paper, 420 x 297 mm

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