Wali Beach Cafe, Jimbaran

It’s Love’s birthday today and the norm is for us to have dinner. Months before this trip, I told Rahman (got acquainted with him during my first trip to Bali back in 2009) of my plans and so he brought us here. In 2009, I had dinner in another restaurant, Menaga Cafe. One of the local guys I got acquainted with brought me and friends there. Not bad, but I wanted to try a different restaurant; so this time, Rahman suggested Wali Beach Cafe. His friend is working there.

The moment I reached the place, I walked towards the sea. A photographer was busy taking pictures of the dogs. I bet that wasn’t his initial intent, but those friendly creatures must have tickled his fancy and eventually became his subject.


I have always loved fruit juices. Every time I travel to other Asian countries, I’d buy fruit juices. In Singapore, either it’s difficult to locate the stalls or some of these stalls charge absurd prices. $5 for a small cup of juice??? They’re just fruits! Anyway, this watermelon juice is lovely, though I wish there were lesser bubbles.


Choosing what to eat. I was quite full, didn’t feel like having a lobster. He didn’t want to too.


Yummy! Crabs are a must!


Love posing next to sharks hahaha


While waiting for the food, I walked around the beach and observed my surroundings. A bit of me-time ;) I love how the family or friends spend time in the sampan, just talking and spending time with each other. I wish I own one, so I can sail out to the sea as and when I want to.


The thing about Jimbaran is, you’ll be spoilt for choices. This is the restaurant next to Wali beach Cafe. It looks better and more presentable, but I don’t know about the dishes are though. Maybe next time…


Our food has arrived! This is Sambal Kangkong or water spinach/water morning glory/Chinese spinach/swamp cabbage in a light sauce. A typical Asian dish.


Giant clams! These are so good, I cannot find similar ones back in Singapore. Seriously. The sauce is just right, a mixture of spicy, sweet, and sour. The clams are evenly cooked, not under or overcooked. It’s really, really good!


The squids are normal though. I don’t really fancy this.


I like that I can taste the crab’s freshness, but I still prefer the Chilli and Black Pepper Crab from Oriental Chinese Food & Sea Food.


Our view. Lovely sampans, don’t you think so?


Rahman was being modest. He didn’t touch the crab or clams, we had to force him! Look at those clams!


Lovely view. I could be here all day, everyday.

IMG_9349 IMG_9352 IMG_9359 IMG_9360

Complimentary fruits.


Then came the surprise. You have no idea how I hid his presents! Hahahaha!

IMG_9367 IMG_9370

Hope he’s happy ;) The good thing is, we’re the only ones there. It was a simple and sweet dinner. There were fireworks too! No, I didn’t plan for those pretty things… Some locals were having fun hahaha


Love’s birthday dinner costs… I’m guessing the vegetables was complimentary too.


IDR511,000 / SGD65 / USD52

Love the friendly waiter (maybe because he’s Rahman’s friend), the cleanliness, efficiency, ambiance, and view. The food however, is mediocre. I expected more, since this is a place where tourist visit frequently. With this amount, I could have more dishes in Oriental Chinese Food & Sea Food; they taste better too. So Wali Beach Cafe, you deserve 6 stars.


Wali Beach Cafe

Fresh Grilled Seafood

Jalan Segara Madu Kelan Beach, Jimbaran Bay

Phone: (0361) 708 685 / +62 812 380 7496



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