Kecak & Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple

This is my second time to Uluwatu Temple, but my first to the cultural show. Now allow me to take you through!

Because this is a temple, you have to dress modestly. Fret not, if you’re wearing anything above the knees, there are cloths for you to cover up. Every visitor must tie a yellow cloth around the waist.

Uluwatu Temple 1

Now isn’t this lovely?

Uluwatu Temple 2

It was a super bright day, almost blinding.

Uluwatu Temple 3

The best way to take a picture here is to trespass the brick barricade and stand on the edge of the cliff like this! Dangerous, but worth the shot! My partner was really nervous about this, I could tell.

Uluwatu Temple 4

Him and the amiable Rahman, a local I befriended during my first trip to Bali.

Uluwatu Temple 5

If beauty has a name, it would be Uluwatu Temple.

Uluwatu Temple 6

Look at the lush greenery! I’m in love with this place!

Uluwatu Temple 7

A resting place. I love the quaint ambiance of this cosy room.

Uluwatu Temple 8

On my first trip here, friends and I explored the place alone. This time around, Rahman came along and we had great conversation along the way. Climbing up and down the slopes didn’t seem like a hassle at all, the conversation was a great distraction! He told us last week, a small Rafflesia was spotted; I really want to see it…but it’s no longer there. Oh man…

Uluwatu Temple 9

This is really beautiful. It’s Heaven on earth.

Uluwatu Temple 10

One of my favourite pictures from this trip!

Uluwatu Temple 11

The journey continues… Up and down the slopes again…

Uluwatu Temple 12

The sun is almost setting, we made our way to the performance area. First come, first served. We came in quite early to secure seats. Well actually we were tired from all the walking, so naturally our body could do some rest, hee ;)

Uluwatu Temple 13

I love the chanting, the variety of pitches, the synchronised movements, the formation, everything!

Uluwatu Temple 14

Of course, the costumes too!

Uluwatu Temple 15

While watching the show, I can’t help but notice how beautiful the sunset was.

Uluwatu Temple 16

The pretty princess captured my heart. Her voice, poise, gentle movements, etc. were believable, she’s like a real princess!

Uluwatu Temple 17

I can’t help but snap dozens of pictures of the sunset in the background. This is truly magnificent.

Uluwatu Temple 18

Uluwatu Temple 19

Yay! I managed to take some pictures with the performers!

Uluwatu Temple 20

Uluwatu Temple 21

IDR70,000 / SGD8.80 / USD7

Useful tips:

  1. Sun can be scorching hot but the sea breeze made it bearable. It can get humid too. If you’re not used to Asia’s crazy climate, do some research of the day’s temperature.
  2. There are a lot of aggressive monkeys. Keep your belongings close. Collect rocks or sticks before you enter. Nope, it’s not animal abuse, it’s self-protection.
  3. Arrive early to get the best seats, the higher the better. (Better view of the performance and sunset, and away from the heat of the flames.) Spend this time reading the synopsis.
  4. Those with children, do not sit on the front row. The masked performers can be quite scary, a child wailed non-stop.
  5. It is really dark after the performance, having a torchlight is useful. Else, light from your mobile phone is good enough. The place is huge and there are several exits, be sure to set a meeting point so that you don’t have to look for your driver and vice versa.

This is a must-go! It would be perfect if

  1. There are lights along the pavement, or ushers.
  2. There are signs, for example “Exit A” or “Carpark A”.


Kecak & Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple

Normally I would include a synopsis, but as mentioned above, you should secure your seats early and read the synopsis. Anyway, it’s available online ;)

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