I remember being obsessed with purple when I was younger. I love Donnatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I love the purple Yakult… Well, everything purple. Somehow in primary school, I loved each and every colour. Because I love Art, I thought it’s unfair to only love one colour. It is only in secondary school, amidst the whole hormonal rollercoaster rides and finding myself that I began to develop the love for the colour Blue.

I think Blue’s perfect. There’s no flaw in Blue. I love every hue of Blue – turquoise, aquamarine, cyan, indigo, etc.

Blue’s perfect. Blue’s flawless. There are no mistakes in God’s creation. The sky is Blue. Look below. The sea is Blue. The world is nothing without Blue. Most of the other colours cannot exist without Blue.

Blue’s perfectly flawless. Blue allows for an array of emotions – sad, happy, humility, nobility, serene, calm, and cool. When I look at Blue, I feel at ease. I take the time to admire the sky daily. There’s this inner peace that I can’t describe…I can only feel it. It makes me happy. Not the kind of happy where I want to jump around, but the kind of happiness which brews within me, which leads me into a world of euphoria, which might make me tear, which calms me. Time stood still when I look at the sky or sea. My worries fade away. Everything just dissipates into thin air. It’s like the Blue sky absorbs the negativity away. I have an album in Facebook, solely for skies. I photograph the sky often. Photography is not only self-expression, it is a therapy too. Photograping the skies – double therapy! During Picasso’s Blue Period, he used nothing but Blue and green. His paintings delineate melancholy. This is the saddest phase in his life, but he let it out through painting. I seriously think Blue helped him to express his thoughts and feelings.

Blue commands respect. Blue portrays respect. Look at the colour of our uniform groups – Police, Navy, Civil Defence. They are all Blue. Maybe I’m not only turned on by men in uniforms. Maybe I’m turned on because they’re in Blue uniforms. Even George Washington chose blue for the Continental Army uniform. John F. Kennedy popularised the blue suit. Boy, these great men made great choices. Because Blue portrays authoritativeness (without threatening), it is adopted as the colour of many international organisations after the Second World War – UN, UNESCO, EU, NATO, Council of Europe. Amazing isn’t it?

Grouping all my social media apps into one folder, I can’t help but notice a lot of them are Blue – Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. Why is this so? Does Blue psychologically entice addiction?

True Blue. Prophet Muhammad loved the colour Blue. In Byzantine Art, Christ and Virgin Mary usually wore dark blue (or purple). Blue was used to decorate Byzantine churches, mosques and palaces from Spain to Central Asia. In Hinduism, Krishna and Ram are usually Blue.

If those aren’t shocking enough: hundreds of years ago, good ultramarine was more expensive than gold! This just came to my mind. Thousands of years ago, Pharaohs’ tombs are coated in gold and blue. I’ve always taught that gold is the most expensive, but now…perhaps they couldn’t afford blue, hence adding the second-most expensive: gold.

Alright. I think I’m rambling on and on. Let me share with you something before I end this. One of the places I would like to visit is Greece. To be surrounded by luscious blue sea and white buildings with blue domes is perfect. Oh and I buy Blue traditional costumes for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Yes, I have Blue Kebayas, Baju Kurungs, you name it.

French artist Yves Klein created International Klein Blue. Considering my love for the colour and the possibility of patenting your own Blue, maybe I should.

(I usually love visuals but I shall keep it to a bare minimum.)

First published here.

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