Little Fighter Turns One!

2nd March 2012. We found love. My partner’s dad came home with a kitty. His friend found it at work. Poor kitty fell from level two, yet survived! I don’t know why but we didn’t send it to a hospital. Kitty looked healthy, so maybe that’s why.

Instantly, I have a name in mind – Snowy. After posting a picture of it on Facebook, we received a lot of suggestions. Some suggested “Cow”. WTF. Who the hell name their pet with another animal’s name? I understand little kitty has two black spots on its forehead (like Hell Boy) but hey! Some people suggested ugly, nerdy and typical cat names in my language, e.g. “Tompok”. Eww please. We’re not living in a kampung. I insisted and reasoned that “Snowy” is appropriate as it is as white as snow. FINALLY! I get to name a kitty!

Snowy wanted nothing but to be out of the cage and play (watch Snowy play). He would climb like a monkey and beg us to let him out! (Watch Snowy begging!) Don’t you think he looks like Furby?

Snowy Birthday1

When he’s angry, he’d bite the cage. The only way to stop him is to keep him in the dark. Literally.

Snowy Birthday2

3 days later, Snowy’s balls developed. It’s a boy! He was too young that we couldn’t tell at first!

Snowy Birthday3

My partner and I had to read up a lot on kitty-care. We have two cats but when we adopted them, they were probably a few weeks old. Snowy was just a few days old. So…we were quite nervous. Right before Snowy came along, we found 2 kittens IN a rubbish bin. One died. One survived a week. We didn’t want to go through that painful phase again, so we did a lot of reading.

My partner and tried out best to be Snowy’s mom. The most important task is to liter-train him. We read that a mother cat stimulates that by licking her young’s bottom. Nope we didn’t lick haha! My partner used a warm cloth and just rub it. Tadaa! Snowy did his “business”. Here’s a video (though he’s done pooping.)

We were quite nervous as Snowy doesn’t have proper milk. Also, she needs warmth. We’re not going to hug her all the way! So we filled a bottle with warm water, wrapped it with a towel. Oh yes, he loved it! He won’t sleep until he hugs a warm bottle!

Snowy Birthday4

Snowy Birthday7

Sometimes, I love Snowy too much to let him sleep in the cage. He sleeps with me!

Snowy Birthday5 Snowy Birthday6

Day by day, Snowy became stronger. However, we were quite skeptical about letting him free with the other two around. What if they attack him? We’re not taking that chance.

Snowy Birthday8

After playing with him, he’d be so tired. Look at his tummy! He has begun to eat like a pig!

Snowy Birthday9

When I visit my partner’s place (yes we don’t live together), Snowy would be under my nose!


Until he falls asleep! (Yes he was super small that he had to wear that around his belly!)


At times when my partner had to work and if his parents are overseas, I had (and still have to) babysit them. Catsit. Whatever you call it. I can’t help but shower him with kisses!


We realised that he lovesss sleeping on pillows. Maybe because he started from young. One pampered kitty!

The King Sleeping on his ThroneAww Snowy

This is my favourite picture of Snowy:

Play Dead

The only boy in the family! Mummy’s boy indeed. Mama and Papa love you! Happy birthday little fighter! You were strong enough to survive a fall and you’ll always be strong! Let’s grow old together baby! Snowy is a great dancer! Watch him!

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