Pinky and the Brain

I’ve been busy with a lot of things. Work (marking students’ artworks), school (studied for a mid-term test) and…my grandma was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago. She had two surgeries in four days. Because she’s the granny who took care of me when my parents had to work, the emotional attachment needs no introduction. The past few weeks were stressful. So I am back with an artwork to share!

This Zentangle was done in between meetings earlier in the day, and it was completed before I go to bed last night.


Zentangles are known to help you ease your mind. Well I felt the tranquility and calmness in me surfaced while doing it. Art therapy indeed~


10 thoughts on “Pinky and the Brain

    • Thanks a lot Tom. She’s still in hospital. Her case is really complicated (bypass, amputation, diabetes, etc), plus her dementia isn’t helping either. She’d scream and scold us, kept wanting to go home. She’s not in a good shape. Thanks again for your well-wishes ;)


      • Yes, I have a lot of plans, just need the time. I’m schooling and working at the same time, so I could only afford small-scale projects, sadly.

        Oh really??? Hmm you should Google or look at #zentangles in Instagram or Youtube them! By the way, love your vibrant works!


      • Ah, I see. Yes it’s difficult to balance school + work + art.
        But there’s always time for a teensy bit of art.

        Maybe you should buy a really long piece of paper, like 4 feet long and maybe 1 foot tall and do your design on that. That;s the type of thing I’d love to have hanging over my bed….!

        And thank you. I appreciate your enthusiasm!


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