Cool & Calm

We have different ways of dealing or coping with stress. Some people take long baths, sleep, watch TV, paint, etc. While I do all that to shift my focus or keep myself busy with something, sometimes it’s as simple as just looking at my pets. Studying and scrutinising them, thinking of what’s going on in their minds, what they might say if they could speak, etc made my day.


Back then, I love to look at my colourful little guppies swimming around with their widespread tails! To me, fishes portray freedom. Of course not when they’re restricted in a small pathetic bowl without air bubbles. When there are caterpillars in my mother’s limetree, I’d just watch them taking their time to crawl slowly, chewing the leaves away. I love animals!

Do you feel the same way when you look at your pets – calm and cool?

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