Hard to please

Tuffy is hard to please. She was a really lovely cat until she went missing for a night. Now, Tuffy can be very hostile and rough. I guess this is how she survived. At times, depending on the situation and the people around us, we have to build a wall. We have to know our cards and play the game well. Like Tuffy, I can be really friendly but there are times where I am a difficult person, towards those I know or strangers alike.

I realised how capable Tuffy is when it comes to adjusting to her surroundings, I admire her for that. I must say this too – she has a good self-defense skills, much like Krav Maga, only better (her nails and hissing are her best assets). Teach me some, little kitty?


Because we ought to draw lessons form our surroundings, including pets. Similar post here.

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